Tackling Tobacco

Despite the ACT having a relatively low overall rate of tobacco use in the community, for various priority population groups the harm related to tobacco use is significant.

People experiencing homelessness, living with a disability or with mental illness, and imprisoned people have tobacco use rates between three and seven times higher than the overall ACT population, and these rates are similarly reflected in other priority groups within the ACT.

Community service organisations, like the ones that Cancer Council ACT are already working with, offer a unique opportunity to reduce tobacco-related harm in many of these groups.

The Tackling Tobacco in the ACT program seeks to utilize existing capacity within the health and community service sector to deliver two main outcomes in engaged organisations:

  1. Support to enact organizational change in policies, systems, and culture to promote a long-term commitment to reducing tobacco-related harm in employees and clients
  2. Empower the community service workforce to provide support in tobacco cessation to clients through training and education, as well as a financial grant to provide subsidised or free access to nicotine replacement therapy.

If your organisation would be interested in participating in this program, please contact us.

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