About Us

Cancer Council ACT is a non government not-for-profit community organisation that aims to promote a healthier community by reducing the incidence and impact of cancer in the ACT region. The Council depends largely on the generosity of the ACT and surrounding community providing donations and supporting fundraising initiatives.

For more detailed information about Cancer Council ACT's mission, governance and programs, view our current Annual Report.

The National Cancer Prevention Policy aims to provide a blueprint for optimal cancer prevention and early detection in Australia, drawing on the latest evidence and exploring the impact, risk factors, policy context and effective interventions. It offers clear recommendations on how Australians can reduce the estimated 106,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed every year.

If you want further information about how you can reduce your risk of common cancers, visit the Prevention section of our website or contact Cancer Council 13 11 20.

Cancer Council ACT is a proud member of…

  • The Cancer Council Federation, together with other member organisations in each state and territory
  • The Fundraising Institute of Australia
  • International Non-Governmental Coalition Against Tobacco
  • International Union against Cancer (UICC)