Research is the key to increasing our understanding of cancer and how we can best control it.

Cancer Council ACT is committed to funding research on all aspects of cancer, including cancer prevention, detection and treatment, as well as understanding and improving the emotional (psychological) and social impact of the disease. All research conducted and funded by Cancer Council ACT is only possible because of the generous support of the ACT community through bequests, donations and support of our major fundraising events.

All Cancer Council funded research is assessed by experts in the field to ensure that projects with the best chance of success are supported. Peer-assessed research has led to major advances in our knowledge about cancer and this knowledge has led to improved treatments for cancer. Research also identifies treatments with fewer side effects and leads to more sophisticated early detection methods, which usually means a better outcome for the patient.


Grant Applications

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Funded Research

An overview of the research that Cancer Council ACT has funded since 2003.