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Smoking Cessation Support Services

Smoking Cessation Courses

Group therapy, in the form of a smoking cessation course has been shown to assist people to quit smoking (8). CCACT offers a range of smoking cessation courses that are conducted by a trained educator and are designed to help people understand why they smoke, develop strategies to quit, and to stay quit for good. These courses can also be tailored to specific population groups, acknowledging the additional barriers that some sub-population groups face when trying to quit smoking.

Fresh Start Course

The Fresh Start Course comprises eight one-hour sessions held over an eight-week period. The course provides information, resources and support to participants about quitting smoking and staying quit.
The Fresh Start Course incorporates the information provided in the Quit Seminar as well as utilising additional video and written materials to help smokers increase their:
•    understanding of the addiction of smoking;
•    knowledge of different quitting methods and products;
•    understanding of smoking and quitting so that they are able better to choose a personal quitting strategy and develop an individual quit plan.

The Fresh Start course also aims to:
•    reduce any fear and anxiety about quitting smoking; and
•    enable participants to gain the information to enable access to a range of resources and support.

Short Course

This is a two-session course combined with support from Quitline’s telephone call-back service. The course comprises a three-hour group discussion, led by a Quit facilitator, with a three-hour follow-up session two weeks later.

The Short Course covers the same topics and information that the Fresh Start course does (see above for details) in a slightly shortened version.

Quit fresh start/short course PDF information sheet
Youth Quit course PDF information sheet

Quit smoking seminar

CCACT’s quit smoking seminar is a 60 or 90-minute information session where participants can find out more about:
•    why they smoke;
•    what type of smoker they are;
•    how to cut down or quit; and
•    coping with possible withdrawal symptoms.

The seminar is useful for anyone who wants information on smoking and quitting, especially:
•    smokers having difficulties coping with smoking restrictions;
•    smokers thinking about quitting or cutting down;
•    smokers wanting to find out how to quit and what to expect and
•    smokers just wanting to know what’s available to help them quit.

Quit seminar PDF information sheet

Quit courses and seminars can be conducted in workplaces, community or school settings.
Bookings are essential.

Individual smoking cessation counselling

Individuals wanting to quit smoking who are unable to attend a course/seminar are able to access individual brief intervention counselling from a trained Quit Educator. Each session lasts from between 30-60 minutes and provides intensive support for individuals to identify their smoking behaviours, vulnerabilities and habits and develop targeted strategies to deal with potential triggers when quitting. Follow-up sessions can be arranged if required.

Individual sessions are between 45mins-1hr in duration and can be arranged to occur at CCACT’s office in Fairbairn, or at a another mutually agreed location.

  Individual counselling information sheet

For more information regarding course content and/or costs (standard course fees apply, however this can be negotiated. To make a booking, please contact Cancer Council ACT on (02) 6257 9999 or tobaccocontrol@actcancer.org to discuss your requirements.


[8] Stead LF, Lancaster T. Group behaviour therapy programes for smoking cessation. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2005, Issue 2.

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