Helen Elliot

Helen Elliot

Major Donor

In July 1991 when living in Adelaide with my young family, my father called from his home in northern NSW and said:

“Hello Dear, just phoning to let you know I have bowel cancer and will be operated on in 3 days’ time. If I don’t have the operation, I will not live to see Christmas”.

What devastating news! Dad was only 68 and although having a few mild heart attacks was in otherwise good health. He was extremely active, living on a small property and constantly working in his large vegetable garden and orchard.

My daughter was only 3 years old and my son just 6 months old.

Dad had the operation, was fitted with a colostomy bag and lived another 23 fulfilling years, passing away at home just shy of age 92.

I donate to Cancer Council ACT to support their work, their funding of research in the belief that one day we will have some real cures for cancer.